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The information you provide to us via the contact or order form are used solely to contact you and send the ordered items to you.

How to order?

In the webshop you choose the articles you wish to order. The shopping cart gives an overview of selected articles. The numbers here may be changed. Articles which no price is shown, can also be ordered. We give the price and delivery time as soon as we receive the request.

The link Checkout takes you to place your order form for address and contact data. The Submit button sends both an email to the store and to the client. This gives the customer a confirmation of the articles he ordered. When a problem occurs or mistake happens, you can reply on that mail.

We take the following actions:

We check if the requested items are in our stock.

Why is it not indicated on the site if an article is available on stock?

We have of course our daily customers in the store who may just have buyed that article you wish to order.

Our prices are as low as possible for our customers, using a system to scan the articles and trace them is very expensive.

We prefer to respond personally to each client, to give the best service.

Why are not all prices on the site?

Some suppliers do not allow us to put our prices on the site because we do not follow the recommended prices, which of course is our customers benefit.

Why are the mails not answered immediately?

The emails are answered in that order as we receive them.

Some answers are not always obvious and need more attention

Mails over the weekend will be answered the following Tuesday, because we are closed Sunday and Monday.

Why is in some cases a deposit required?

If an article is ordered that is rarely asked, then we will be pleased to order it for our customer.

To protect ourselves and to avoid the risk that the customer does not show up after ordering, we require a deposit of 15% on the amount. But of course only for the article that we do not have in stock and we have to order ourselves.

Pay with Ogone

Transactions effected on Fishing.be are rendered secure by the Ogone payment system (www.ogone.com). All information exchanged to process the payment is encrypted using the SSL protocol. These data cannot be detected, intercepted or used by third parties, and are not kept on our computer systems either.

Ogone is a technical service provider, and does not take care of disputes linked to the orders. These should be settled directly with Fishing.be and/or your bank.

More information about Ogone: www.ogone.com

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